Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design 

  • MSc in Welding Engineering and Non Destructive Inspection

    Msc  in Welding Engineering and Non-Destructive Inspection is an innovative programme emphasizing new technologies on welding and non-destructive materials. The programme aims at providing students with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills required in the manufacturing industry, and, in particular, the industry of hydrocarbon heat transfer and management. The course is also focused on promoting new perspectives and opportunities both in Greece and the Balkan countries.

    Teaching is based on partnerships with:

    • the Hellenic Welding Association, accredited for teaching training programmes, which, after exams organized by  the Greek Institute of Welding (WGI), qualify students with the internationally recognized MSc in Welding Engineering (International Welding Engineer). The degree is considered a valuable qualification for safety and quality in manufacturing, according to EN ISO 3834 international standards, and EN 1090, which involves requirements for conformity assessment (CE marking) for all traded products in Europe and has been a key requirement in Greece since July 2014 (EU Regulation 305/2011).
    • the Welding & NDT Institute, an official authorized training and testing centre managed by the Hellenic Society for Non-Destructive Testing (H.S.ND.T.),  member of the European Federation of Non-Destructive Testing (EFNDT) and the International Commission on Non-Destructive Testing (ICNDT), accredited by the National Accreditation System (EN ISO / IEC 17024, E.SY.D 198). On successfully participating in the exams organized by the Welding & NDT Institute, candidates are awarded with diplomas and certificates by the Hellenic Society for Non-Destructive Testing, internationally recognized by the EFNDT and ICNDT and accredited by the International Educational Organization ‘Global Training’.

    Holders of the MSc in Engineering Welding and Non-Destructive Inspection are also entitled to sit for exams for the International MSc in Engineering Welding (International Welding Engineer) and the Certificate in Non-Destructive Testing (L2).


    Head of the MSc in Engineering Welding and Non-Destructive Inspection

    Dr. Stergios Maropoulos, Professor